Not that its any of your business but…

I hate mean people. I think they suck.

I love music. I think it rules. It’s my therapy.

I should probably be looking into other kinds of therapy, too.

I second guess myself constantly.

I am way too sensitive.  Bleeding  heart? More like hemorrhaging!

I am intolerant of intolerant or mean people.

I have a super family! Consisting of: one little boy, one big boy, three fur-kids.

Stay at home mama.

I am the laziest bitch I know.

I smile at dogs in cars.

Occasional party animal.  Less so, now that I am responsible for another little person.





Sailor mouth.

I watch The Ghost Whisperer. There. I said it.

Thanks for just wasting 30 seconds of your life on this, that you will never get back.


2 Responses to “All About Me (as usual).”

  1. I was totally on board with all that until you said “Ghost Whisperer.”

    But don’t go off crying…I’m not being judgy. I am just a wimp and scare easily.

  2. I love being around people who can teach me to curse more colourfully. (I look forward to reading more!)

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