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Almost full circle.

July 23, 2010

We spent last weekend at my aunt and uncle’s farm.  They recently bought some land and built their dream home.


It sure as shit ain’t Old McDonald’s Farm.

As you approach the house, you pass the final resting place of the Jacomini’s.

A chapel, with four trees around it. A tree for each of them. Biggest is Tommy’s tree. Smallest, Vivi’s. Growing each day, more and more, from their ashes buried beneath.

Inside the chapel are four headstones.  If you are sitting in front of Vivi’s stone, you can look out and see her tree. And so on…

The ceiling was made out of stained glass by my uncle, Susie’s father.

It’s a wonderful, peaceful place. Somewhere we can go to be close to them. To talk to them. It’s strangely calming.

The weekend was great!!

So relaxing to be out there, in the middle of nowhere.

Lots of swimming.

And of course, the kids dropped trou.

My aunt and uncle have owned a player piano since before I was born. You know the kind? The piano that tickles it’s own keys. My sister, my cousins, and I spent so much time on that thing throughout our childhood.

And now?

Our kids are doing the same.

So bizarre.

My eyes filled with tears as I was taking this shot with my iPhone.

We have come full circle.

Except our circle will never be complete.

There will always be four people missing.

*Apologies for the bad iPhone pictures 🙂